Monday, August 21, 2017

Manic Monday

Just got back from vacation and am just starting to catch up on stuff. But during my travels, I picked up a few odds & ends for upcoming modeling projects . . .

Finally got a bit of styrene rod, some Weldbond (for laminating styrene to foamcore), a restock of #17 blades, some Woodland Scenics Water Effects to try (with "murky" dye!), and - since I was inspired at Cape Cod - some "cedar" shingles and picket fence, for my next house project.

After getting home and unpacking, we went out to dinner at the old Saybrook freight house and saw these sitting out in back . . .

I don't know whether ConnDOT has purchased these P&W units for Shoreline East service, or Hartford-Springfield service, or something else - but the engineer said: "They told us to take these to New Haven, so we're taking them to New Haven."

Since Amtrak owns & operates this section of railroad, it's their power and crew doing the hauling.

That was all last night - apparently they did their job since the Amtrak SW1500s(?) are sitting back on track 5 well west of the station when we went grocery shopping tonight.

While I of course am not looking forward to getting back to work (already put in a part day today, but took the rest of the day to view what we could of the eclipse), I'm looking forward to getting back to some modeling and using some of the stuff I bought while I was away!

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