Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Fun - More Booty

ARRRHHH! With apologies to Talk Like a Pirate Day (which isn't until Sept. 19) I'll just mention here that I snagged me some more booty. One of the fun things about finally completing a model past the plywood/track/wiring stage is that I finally get to wander around all those cool scenic details bins.

To wit:

  • Dog house and dog (for, you know, The Dog)
  • Some already-painted dogs and cats (in case I can't paint the unpainted dog convincingly)
  • Mailboxes (also for the Goff Brook Farmhouse)
  • Pot-belly stove (because: love)
  • Bag of rocks (to try for "typical New England" stone walls)
  • Oh, and some more Grumbacher turpentine. Yeah, I already have a little 2 oz jar (which I'm almost through, quickly) and an 8 oz plastic bottle, but I really wanted the can. IMO, turpentine should always come in a can. Besides, I'm sure I'll use it all. Eventually.
So, have you any recent acquisitions? Share with the group and let us get the vicarious thrill of the purchase without actually having to spend any money!

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. I was going to "pick" my own small stones for rock walls on my layout but maybe just buying the talus would be much easier!! Can use it in rivers etc too.