Monday, June 30, 2014

Ops Session - 6/27/2014

With a few more work sessions under my belt and some resulting progress (and due to the fact that my supremely-supportive-spouse was out with a friend), I decided to have a quick operating session last Friday. I already mentioned it here, but thought you'd enjoy some additional pics - especially since I tried a new paperwork system and debuted my new Agent/Operator's Desk!

I plan to get into the details of the new ops paperwork in a future post, so for now I'll just do a quick walkthrough...

Long-time readers will recognize the "snacks" table from previous sessions - the snacks aren't out yet, but the operators' tools are: clipboards (for holding switchlists), skewers (for uncoupling), and aprons (for holding clipboards, skewers, etc)

You also may recognize the Bulletin Board from previous posts - with the addition of track maps for the entire railroad, all the better to aid the Agent/Operator

My new paperwork required the addition of a new position - Agent/Operator.  Well, it didn't require it per se - but it's certainly more fun with it, especially with this cool desk (what turned out to be a very useful hand-me-down from my downsizing parents).  Railroad ops paperwork and requisite green shade lamp in evidence.

New operator William (left) was paired with now-veteran operator Joseph on the Air Line Local.  They're switching Mill Hollow prior to heading to Middletown.

Veteran operators (and oft-helpers) Roman and Pete operate a VERY long Valley Local southbound through Rocky Hill on the way to the Middletown meet with the Air Line Local.

It all converges in Middletown where the two lines cross and the two locals meet to exchange cars.  Looks like William is getting a little stressed.

But despite the stress, there are smiles all around.  Except for Pete, apparently, who is still trying to figure out how to stuff 10 pounds of cars in a 5 pound bucket.

Nice (and repeated) view of the Valley Local in Middletown with the rear of the Air Line Local in the yard.

Not-so-great shot of the Air Line Local's engine (NH R-1 #3304) just south of the Middletown diamond.  The Air Line comes in from the west (through the wall).  Prototype photo of the scene attached to the wall.
Despite some of the car repairs I had to do (mostly due to faulty couplers), I was very happy with how well everything worked, from the trains themselves to the new paperwork.  I especially liked my new role as Agent/Operator and the fun of doing "official" railroad paperwork at an actual desk.  Very railroady!

Already looking forward to the next session which, as motivated as I've been lately to work on the layout, should only be a matter of weeks (rather than months) away!

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