Monday, June 23, 2014

3/4hr for 3/4"

Well, after all of the agonizing and wondering whether or not to try and change it, modifying the topography in Wethersfield ended up taking less than an hour total.

And as Trevor commented, it was more than well worth it – at least I think it's a huge improvement.

Check out the photos:

I started by lowering the background hill and hot-gluing in a backer so I'd have something to attach the new gap-filling plaster cloth to.

Another view, looking "north"

Then I clamped the fascia to hold it in place, removed the screws, raised the fascia (more than 3/4" as it turned out), and re-clamped, as here

The raised, and now level, area around Fernwood Street (south of Jordan Lane w/a Ballantines mockup in the background)

View looking "south" at Wethersfield station (from Fernwood St)

And the "money shot" - the primary reason for doing what turned out to be a simple fix - to level out the station area to make it more prototypical
Compared to what it looked like.... well, if you know anything at all about the prototype, there really is no comparison .
After this experience, I'd encourage you to make any changes sooner rather than later to things that are bugging you. It may - and likely will - be much easier to do than you think and you'll be happier in the long run.

Incidentally, I'm really happy with the traditional L-girder benchwork and masonite backdrop/fascia.  It's certainly not innovative, this benchwork system has been around for probably 40-50 years, but I discover more and more how versatile it is - especially when you need to change things.

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  1. Hi Chris:
    I'm glad my encouragement helped. You'll be much happier with the new terrain - as will that truck driver, who won't have to rely so heavily on his parking brake!
    - Trevor