Thursday, June 5, 2014

A few quick words about yesterday's Wordless Wednesday

Yeah, it was "cheating" - a little.  My unwritten rule is to use a "Wordless Wednesday" photo only once, and while technically I didn't use yesterday's photo in a WW post before, I did use it to compare to this photo (which was used for a WW post here):

As I explained before, this is - IMO - the most iconic photo of the Valley Local I know of and the first image I recall seeing of the line.  So modelgenic, this scene just demands to be recreated. 

Yesterday's WW photo is how the scene above looks today.  Trees are SO overrated....

The main reason for the "rerun," however, is related to something I heard at last weekend's ProtoMeet.  When I came to this image in my presentation, somebody mentioned that it had been the subject of a "Perspectives" or other editorial in Railroad Model Craftsman magazine at some point.  I would LOVE to see/read that, so if you have any idea when it appeared please let me know!

Speaking of the ProtoMeet, I hope to have my report on that wonderful weekend posted here soon!

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