Monday, June 9, 2014

Some much, much better words about last week's Wordless Wednesday

As much as I enjoy sharing what I've learned through my research on the Valley Line, I must admit that I have an ulterior motive: I hope my sharing will elicit additional information and help me make the story of the line even more complete.

Along those lines (ahem), in my last post I put out a quick request for an old RMC article which I hoped not only that someone would have, but that they'd be willing to share it with me. Exceeding my expectations by a long shot, not 30 minutes after my post went live, I got an email from Trevor Marshall of Port Rowan fame - "Voila!" said he, and had attached a PDF of the article I was seeking. Thank you again Trevor!

But in keeping with my desire to share what I learn, I wanted to figure out the best way to share it with you - without stepping on any toes or violating any copyrights, etc. Very fortunately, last weekend at the ProtoMeet I had just seen Tony Koester and had met Bill Schaumburg. Turns out, Tony wrote the article in question, and Bill could give me permission to share it here - which he did, most graciously.

So, without any further ado, enjoy this great piece on one of the most famous photos of the Valley Local - "A Mogul at Middletown," by Tony Koester, published in Railroad Model Craftsman, May 1980 (courtesy RMC, via Trevor Marshall, used with permission).


  1. Glad I could help - and glad that RMC let you share.
    - Trevor

  2. Can't thank you enough Trevor - just what I was looking for & within minutes. As the MRH ad says: "Gee, I love the internet" :^)