Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Few Words about Wordless Wednesday #230 - East Wallingford

I have to be careful I don't start wanting to model East Wallingford, CT on the New Haven's Air Line. Yes, yesterday's Wordless Wednesday was yet another shot of this evolving-into-iconic location. This time, the photo is taken from the other side of the tracks, looking southeast rather than southwest, and was lensed by the inimitable Kent Cochrane.

Click here for the previous blog post on this location, including a present-day modelable industry.

As always, you can click on the image for a larger view. In addition to the Star of the photo - J-1 #3022 & 17-18 cars (love the "skyline" on these early-postwar freight trains), you can easily make out the outline of the feed mill, a shed (freight house?) that was hidden in last month's post, as well as a nondescript building and then the raised passenger station in the far background. But perhaps best of all, especially for us model railroaders, is how clear the track layout is. Nothing too complicated, and easily modelable - but a great amount of detail from this height and angle.

Super-observant folks will even notice that the saplings in the foreground have been recently cut. Could it be that ol' Kent had a handsaw with him to remove any impediment to such a great shot?

Whether you model the steam or diesel eras, you can see that this little Layout Design Element has a lot to offer - might even be ideal for an 18" by 8-10' shelf. Despite the strong temptation to model this scene though, I, for one, plan to resist - at least for now....

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