Saturday, August 11, 2018

WW #227 & Another Reason Model Railroading is the World's Greatest Hobby

In case you didn't guess already, Wordless Wednesday #227 was supposed to be a quick few videos showing "typical Shoreline passenger trains" running through Old Saybrook. Well, video 1 and video 2 went fine. And for video 3, I figured I'd shoot at "eye level" for more realism. So far so good. Until I realized - too late - that my elbow was across the track. BOOM! The engine ran right into it and rolled over and the train stopped dead. I should have included a photo of the wreckage - it actually looked pretty realistic. Well, as much as a 1:87 scale steam locomotive does when it hits a 1:1 scale elbow(!) Thankfully, no actual damage or harm done. Except to my pride, of course. . . .

In other news.... here's reason #742 why Model Railroading is, in fact, "The World's Greatest Hobby" - you can easily adapt the skills you learn to everyday household repairs. Not only do you learn some carpentry and electrical skills (hopefully, not just enough to be dangerous), but you also can get some good practice with taping and topping. And today, I discovered another use for my handy, dandy gluing jig:

It's just the thing for gluing a picture frame back together. I just wish it was a bit bigger.

Unfortunately, that's all the "modeling" (well, the using of modeling tools anyway) that I've been able to do lately. The Missus and I got some discouraging news about her dad this past Tuesday. The skinny is that he has to go back in the hospital next week for a week and then has two months of additional treatments before the doctors can reassess. We're hoping & praying for a Christmas miracle, so your continued prayers are much appreciated as well.

Thankfully, yet another reason this is the greatest hobby is that it provides a very welcome distraction from real life and a chance to recoup and keep going. But I suppose that can really be said of any hobby. So with that in mind, the Missus and I are going to take advantage of this rainy Saturday - she to her art room and I, hopefully, to the basement.

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