Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Fun: Clinic/Presentation

One of the best things about meets - whether sponsored by the NMRA or the NERPM - are the clinics. The variety of how-to, hands-on demonstrations of different modeling skills by experts in the hobby is always worth the price of admission. But just as important, I think, are the presentations. These won't necessarily teach you a new skill, but they're always informative. Either way - clinic or presentation - if done right, you'll leave knowing more than you did when you walked in.

I have the honor of giving a presentation on my layout at a couple of up-coming events. The first is this Saturday in front of the NMRA's Metro-North Division. That'll be something of a dress rehearsal for giving it at the NERPM meet in Enfield on June 3. I've been working on putting all the material together (which is one explanation for why layout progress - and blog postings - have slowed a bit), but I'm excited to be able to share a higher-level overview of what I'm trying to accomplish. It'll be a bit of a contrast to the deeper weeds I tend to get into here.

It'll be more of a "presentation" rather than a "clinic" - but I hope folks will be inspired by what they see and will try modeling a prototype railroad. It's one of the best ways to create a time machine that I know of.

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