Saturday, May 7, 2016

On the Valley Line Today - HO scale version

I took advantage of the lousy weather and a day off to get a LOT of things done on the layout today. It was a nice full day of finishing the latest backdrop, moving/installing switch machines and a ground throw, and installing a cab bus(!). I'll have posts on all that soon.

But at the end of the day, after all the layout work, I decided to do what all this effort is actually for - I ran a train. K-1d #278 needed to head down to the wye in Old Saybrook to be turned and I figured it'd be fun to highball over the Shore Line a bit before turning north and heading back home to Middletown.

The video below shows the #278 westbound from New London heading up the east leg of the wye for the first time . . .

and yes, she eventually got all 9 cars up the hill between Shailerville Bridge and Middletown! Had to get quite a head of steam up first, but I was psyched she made it without slipping (too much). The usual train back north from East Haddam will typically be about half that length - so a nice confirmation that the ol' girl is up for the job.

Hope you were able to get some modeling done this Mother's Day Eve!

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