Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thankful Thursday

A couple of weeks ago, I posted what - for this blog anyway - was an unordinary post, but something that's often on my mind when I'm engaged in this great hobby. Without repeating it all here, suffice it to say that our creative endeavors can provide much needed time for R&R&R (Rest/Relaxation/Reflection) and that time will often remind you how blessed you are not only to have that time available to you, but to have so many others that are so willing to spend some of their precious time helping you along the way. Given the feedback I've received on that post, it sounds like many of you feel the same way.

So while this isn't my first edition of Thankful Thursday (click here for that), they've been far too infrequent and - like Wordless Wednesday, which I hardly ever miss posting - I'm going to try to make this a weekly thing. There's certainly enough to be thankful for - I only need to stop and think for a moment...

I've posted here and here about the folks that have contributed so much to the progress of the Valley Line - I literally couldn't have gotten this far without them. But an update is long overdue. So, at the risk of leaving somebody out, but in the spirit of the season, here's a quick list of elves that have helped out in recent months:

(apologies that I don't have pictures of everyone - or "you're welcome" if you don't like having your pic posted)

  • B&M SW1 Project
    • Philip Taylor for contributing the model which has provided many hours of enjoyment, before it even enters "revenue service"
    • Dave Owens & Tom Johnson for contributing decals
    • David Hutchinson for contributing detail parts and additional decals (not to mention MANY prototype photos and technical information)
    • Hunter Hughson and Seth Lakin for Mainline Modeler articles and additional tech info
    • Rick Abramson, and John Kasey for contributing additional detail parts
    • Ralph Renzetti for help with airbrushing & decaling advice (and TIA for help with weathering!)
  • Scenery help

Jim Dufour

Bill Schneider (as well as for the Cromwell Diner and other structures)
  • Trackwork help
Jim Lincoln (and special thanks to Randy Hammill for the scale track and office building that Jim's installing here)
  • DCC and Technical Help
Kaylee Zheng

Nick Santos
Chris has created a bunch of cool NHRR-specific details, whistle posts and these cool crossing signs.
  • Podcasts specifically, and Lionel Strang & his A Modeler's Life podcast specifically. Lionel has created a rich & extensive community of folks from all walks of life with a wide variety of skills that are all eager to help each other with their projects and generous with their time - usually offered with a healthy side of good-humored ribbing. Anyone who follows the Valley Local Facebook Group knows I owe a lot to the folks on the AML Wednesday Night chat, not only for their insight but their company as I labor at the workbench.

While I've thanked my regular crew elsewhere, apologies in advance if I've forgotten somebody on this list even though I tried to limit it to just this past year. Like most of you, there are countless others we can think of that have offered a bit of advice at a critical moment, some helpful feedback on a process, or have in some other relatively small way helped us make some additional progress on our layouts. I know you'll join me in offering our thanks to all those that take the time to give back to the hobby and help us all along.

It's sometimes easy to take for granted all of the generous people this hobby introduces to us, so let's take some time this week to thank those who have contributed something to our efforts, who have spent some of their valuable time to help, influence, inspire, and inform us.

Finally, thank YOU for continuing to follow the blog, for your comments and feedback, and especially for your patience when I'm not posting as often as I'd like. While I do the blog primarily for my own future reference, having the benefit of your experience and encouragement makes it even more worthwhile.

Here's hoping you and yours are having wonderful holiday season.

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