Thursday, June 22, 2017

Friday (Eve) Fun: Reminiscing over Progress

If you ever fret over what you haven't gotten around to yet (whether it be scenery, structures, freight car kits, etc), take some time to review what you have accomplished. I did that recently, going through my "Layout Construction" folder of photos. And I'm not gonna lie - I was pretty impressed with all the progress that's been made over the last few years, with a LOT of help from my friends.

Sometimes, extreme lengths (heights?) are gone to . . .
Bill surveying the, um, "progress" in Old Saybrook. Looks much better these days...

One of my favorites - Tom, Dick, and Pete (I really need a friend named "Harry") in the middle of moving a door to make way for the Shore Line.

And then, laying down on the job...

Bill working in the Goff Brook area, right at the Rocky Hill/Wethersfield town line.
Starting New London staging

Even dad was able to help install the girders in New London when he came to visit.

Randy & Joseph adding feeders on the New London/East End loop.

Tom working under the West End loop - New Haven staging not even in yet.
Bill & Pete working on the north end of Rocky Hill

Roman & Joseph adding more feeders in New London.

Dick & Randy modifying DCC UN-friendly turnouts.

Tom, Pieter & Dick wiring toggles.

Roman & Joseph at New London again, doing feeders.

Randy surveying something (maybe where to install switch machines?)

Rosie, supervising

Working on the approach into Shailerville from Middletown (in the other room) - and some added motivation to keep my cookie consumption in check...

Roman & Dick working on the lift out

The Great SawzAll-ing of New Year's Eve Eve, 2013 - preparing to install Goff Brook Bridge.

Randy installing track at - believe it or not - Wethersfield (including the infamous passing siding)

Rosie reviewing my track planning

One of the first "Layout Construction" progress photos I took - showing "proof of concept" - that I'd actually be able to fit Middletown, with the quadrant track, and a prototype-length train. October 29, 2011

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