Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday Fun: East Berlin Done (kinda)

They say no model railroad is ever finished, and now that I've reached a level of "done-ness" in East Berlin, I can attest to the fact that you can Always Add More.

So yes, I have a lot more I want to do here - including adding trees, people, details, more scenery texture, a new concrete loading dock - but I think for now it's time to move on and try and get the rest of the layout up to at least this level.

Cuz it's certainly nicer to watch a train go through even rudimentary scenery rather than over plywood and foam.

Before I leave East Berlin though, I thought it'd be fun to pause and take stock of how far it's come since I started the scenery last August.


(PS: if you're at Springfield tomorrow and happen to see me, please be sure to stop me and say "hi!")


  1. Chris, East Berlin now looks very nice indeed. It has become a small time machine.

    (This name always reminds me of the other East Berlin, where border guards controlled derails that kept train drivers from escaping to the West. Our East Berlin was and is more peaceful.)

  2. I'm sure you have seen this collection, but I just rediscovered it in trying to see the routing of the line between Berlin and East Berlin, which the building of the Berlin Turnpike severed in 1940: