Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Tip: Cheap Grimy Black Alternative?

I think I've discovered a reasonable - and very inexpensive - alternative to the old PollyS Grimy Black paint. . .

I first started using Apple Barrel paint for modeling back last summer (and even started airbrushing it this past Thanksgiving). But it wasn't until this past weekend that I tried to use it on an already-partially finished resin freight car kit . . .

Above is my typical acrylic painting setup, inspired by Model Railroad Hobbyist's Acrylic Painting Guide: palette, 3 cups of thinner/cleaner, and "working brush tray" (click here for more details).

Before starting to decal/letter my B&O P-11 flatcar, I decided I needed to paint the underside of the "wood" floor. I'd left it unpainted to give the glue better adhesion to the frame - and I was going to add fishing weights for weight and figured I'd just airbrush the whole underbody at once after that. But fishing weights aren't lead anymore and the tin substitutes are worthless as car weights. So, I decided to just go ahead and paint the white bits.

I didn't want to have to go through the hassle of airbrushing such a small job, so I got out my little brush and checked out my paints for a suitable color. As you can see above, Apple Barrel "Pavement" is just about dead-on for the grimy black I'd airbrushed before.

Though it did seem to be a much closer match when it first went on and was still wet. Once it dried, it dried ultra-flat and came out just a bit lighter than what was there before - though that may be how the light bounces off an eggshell vs. flat finish - actual artists will have to weigh in on whether the difference is due to the finish or actual color. Heh - and you can see that I wasn't at all careful in my brush painting.

No worries though, it's a freight car underbody after all. Even in the unlikely event that you see it, it's supposed to be messy.

But the main takeaway is the cheap Grimy Black paint alternative - at $.50-1.00 for a 2 ounce bottle, you can't beat it!

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