Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday #161

Valley Coal, South Wethersfield, CT Sept. 1938.
Coal hoist is the dark vertical thing left of the tanks and behind the sheds.
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  1. Thanks Chris,

    ...and the watery stuff over the whole site looks like the Connecticut River.


  2. Yes, it must be after the 1938 hurricane. I can't see the tracks. They must be under water.


  3. You're both right! I was the Connecticut River that flooded the area as part of the famous Hurricane of 1938. Documenting that hurricane (the worst on record at the time) was the reason for taking the aerial photos in the first place and - despite the obvious devastation - they provide a rare (and in some cases the ONLY) photographic record of certain places/buildings. A priceless resource for prototype modeling!