Thursday, March 16, 2017

Name That Location

Here's a beautiful shot of a New Haven K-1 class mogul running through a gorgeous scene. Unfortunately, I can't make out the engine number and - worse - I have absolutely no clue where this was taken. I could be the Valley Local, but the NHRR was (in)famous for its complicated web of branchlines which covered all of Southern New England. As much as I'd love for this to be somewhere in the Connecticut Valley, I'm just not sure.

Can anybody out there help a brother out? Or at last provide an educated guess? Sure would be great to solve the mystery . . .


  1. Wild guess, but the topography looks right - the Air Line crossing Route 22 at Northford Station/Clintonville in North Branford. Photographer would be in the northeast quadrant of the crossing and the train would be eastbound. The key would be whether this shot - with a dirt road - is later than 22 was paved. I imagine the 1934 aerial survey or Google Earth's time lapse could tell the tale along with when the loco became a K1-d. (My in laws lived in Northford for 50 years, and for over 20 years I crossed this crossing at least twice a month - I have never yet had to wait for a train, so it's nice to imagine this one ...)

  2. If I am right, the photographer is standing more or less at the location of siding where the Kickapoo Joy Juice factory was. Lil' Abner fans take note - I kid you not - Al Capp was from New Haven.

  3. Thanks much for the feedback Fred! Others have emailed about the distinctive church in the background. Is/was there a church at the location you mention? That could be the key

    1. I don't think there's one there now - I'll have to look at some aerials.