Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Fun: Prototype Photo Fun

I needed a break from the heavy layout construction I've been involved with lately, so I decided to have some Foto Fun.

Like many prototype modelers, I'm constantly referring to photos to guide my efforts. My photos are on my iPad, which is super handy for bringing into the layout room. But the iPad's way of sorting photos is, to put it mildly, lousy. Everything's all together in one giant folder, so I have to do far too much scrolling/searching and that wastes time.

Thankfully, with modern laser printers and some glossy brochure paper, you can print out reference photos to full 8.5x11. You won't want to frame them, but they're certainly sufficient for quick and easy reference. Just tack them up in the appropriate locations . . .

East Haddam pics on the wall behind the (eventual) East Haddam section of the layout. The photos are located approximately where the scene will be depicted.

Essex & photos (and even a val map), with East Haddam in the background
Overview of Essex to East Haddam, with the "Mill Hollow" (Air Line) module in the background. You can just about make out Shailerville Bridge in the far back corner.

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