Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tuesday Tool Tip - Toolchest Top

Earlier this month, while in the middle of my (partial) deck rebuild, I still made a little time to make a top for my tool chest.

I use a little 3-drawer chest to hold the most common tools I need on the layout and it typically goes on top of a larger, roll-around chest of drawers I used around the layout (be sure to click here to see what I'm talking about). The only downside is that the top isn't all that sturdy - especially when I put a bunch of stuff on it.

So I decided to use a piece of scrap plywood and some scrap strip wood to make a sturdier top, along with little "guardrails" to keep things from falling off. I traced the top onto the plywood, cut it out with a saber saw, and glued the stripwood on. After the glue dried, I spray painted the whole thing with gloss white spray paint.

Then it was just a simple matter of squeezing out a large bead of construction adhesive around the perimiter...

... and centering the plywood on top, pressing & weighting it down to cure.

Not only does this make the top of an otherwise sorta flimsy chest much more sturdy, it makes the entire thing more rigid.

The Wednesday forecast is looking great - which is to say, rainy - so it's perfect for getting down into the basement for some long-overdue layout time. And I'll get to see how this whole thing actually works out!

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