Friday, June 19, 2020

Friday Flipping Fun

Thanks to Mike Kay for pointing out that the photo for this week's Wordless Wednesday was actually reversed(!). I'd suspected that, but didn't notice he was right until I looked more closely and saw the reversed engine number.

So here it is, flipped and corrected:

Also noted by Mike (and a bit more obvious now that it's oriented properly), this is Pittsfield, MA - at the north end of the New Haven's Berkshire Line. The Boston & Albany mainline is there on the right, and the New Haven's line branches off to the left and south. He also noted the NH's coaling dock up and to the left there. Check out that grade! And there must be some serious handbrake and wheel chocking on that tank car! Given the condition of the Alco RS-2 (Class DERS-3b on the New Haven), and the fact the coaling dock hasn't been taken down yet, I'd guess this was taken sometime in 1948 (the RS-2s were delivered first to the Berkshire Line in December 1947 & January 1948).

If you're looking to model a New Haven DERS-2b, be sure to click here (or check out the September 2019 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist - Running Extra).

Thanks to Mike for pointing out what should have been obvious to me :^) and thanks to you all for your patience while this blog has been a bit quiet as I tackled some long-deferred car & house projects.

Planning on that changing - so be sure to stay tuned!

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