Monday, June 13, 2016

Modeling Monday - What's On My Workbench

Working on the GTW/CN 1-1/2 door boxcar I started at Don Valentine's Hands-On clinic at the NERPM last weekend. And the decals from Black Cat Publishing arrived in today's mail!

Finished the MicroEngineering bridge for the Mattabassett River on the East Berlin branch. Just needs paint and weathering.

And, taped to a small piece of glass in the lower right corner there, is my first attempt at attaching a die-cast metal MU connector/plug part to a Delrin end railing. Just starting to "New Havenze" my Proto1000 RS-2. . .

So, what's on YOUR workbench?


  1. Who makes the MU hose part for the RS-2?

    1. Custom Finishing - part# 347 "End Platform Railings MU Hoses" I was shocked to learn that CF is still around: Prices on the 'site are out of date, but he (James) does respond to email. And he takes PayPal. Tell him Chris Adams sent you and he'll take care of you. Or charge you double. I dunno. :)