Monday, June 20, 2016

Modeling Monday: 1-1/2 Door Boxcar - NOW It's Ready for the Paint Shop

After posting my progress on the door-and-a-half boxcar, Don Valentine (the fella responsible for getting me started on this project in the first place) suggested in the comments that I at least remove the cast-on side grabs and replace them with wire. It's "so easy it is almost a shame not to do it" - were, I think, his actual words in the comments to that post.

So I figured I might as well get some freight car detailing practice in. I literally have only the cost of the decals as my only investment in this project (I'm not counting the cost of all the add-on details I had on-hand), so it's very low risk practice. Certainly not a $40 resin car.

Rising to the bait challenge, I not only removed/replaced the side grabs, but I went ahead and did the end grabs, lateral running board grabs, airhoses, and - yes - even custom fabricated uncoupling levers.


Now I think it's ready for paint & lettering. Not bad for a (long) evening's work . . .