Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Quick(?) Hands-On Clinic Boxcar

Progress pics on the door-and-a-half boxcar I started at Don Valentine's excellent hands-on clinic at this year's NERPM.  It's (almost) ready for paint & lettering . . .

I'm considering adding air hoses and cut levers. Figured I'd skip removing/replacing the side ladders with grabs, and not bother with the end walk railings/grabs. Or the side grabs.

Then there's the underbody/brake rigging and retainer valve to consider. UGH! This is/was supposed to be a quick project. I'm going to have to learn "when to say 'when.'"  At some point - probably right about now - it may be "good enough."



  1. Hi Chris,
    Replacing the two grab irons on the left of
    each car side is so easy it is almost a shame not to do it. It also make more of a difference, to me at least, than replacing only the rungs of