Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday Fun: Layout Update Video & Name That Location

For those of you that aren't members of the Valley Local Facebook Group (and if not, what're you waiting for? 😏), I did a Facebook Live video last night that toured the layout as it currently stands (and since it's all still cleaned up from my NERPM layout tour). If you haven't been able to attend one of my open houses, this should give you a sense of the craziness in my basement. . . Hope it works, even if you're not on FB - click here to try . . .

Next up, for this edition of "Name That Location" I offer this:

Any ideas? I'm pretty sure this is a Valley Line location (note the distinctive "flat W" roof on the station, a hallmark of the line), but where? I'm thinking Cromwell, but wouldn't bet a million dollars on it...

Putchyer guesses in the comments! And have a great weekend!


  1. I do not believe this is Cromwell, Deep River, Union City or Melrose based on track arrangement, freight platforms, etc of those stations.

    Could it be Essex1 per Bob B’s TYLER city Station, here: Can’t tell if that’s a freight house behind your unknown photo or not.

    Another possibility is Wethersfield…maybe. Also see TCS for photos.

    1. Hey Eric and thanks for weighing in! Definitely not Essex (wrong topography & track arrangement, freight house would be in foreground), but definitely could be the original Wethersfield station, which burned in 1896 and was never replaced (the freight house, which would be behind/north of the station, would be used for passengers until that service ended in the early 1930s - last passenger station open on the line). Thanks for the reminder to check out TCS - I've been in correspondence with BobB and will let you know if we find out anything!

  2. HI. According to an ebay ad i just saw, this might be Deep River.

    1. 'fraid not - left side of the tracks is all wrong - if it was Deep River, the road would go downgrade to the left, and there'd be the CT River where those houses are :^\