Thursday, June 9, 2022

Friday Eve Fun: ProtoMeet and Scale Sound Systems SW-1

Howdy Folks! You're getting this week's "Friday Fun" a day early since there's a LOT of fun going on tomorrow and this weekend that will keep me too busy to post later...

"What..." you may ask " going on this weekend?" Well, if you're a prototype modeler and live anywhere within a couple hours of southern New England you either know the answer already or you've been really out of it... for about 3 years . . .

Yes, this weekend - finally - the

New England/Northeast
Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet

(aka "NERPM) 

is what's going on! After being cancelled for the last two years, and losing its venue, the Phoenix has risen from the ashes and the next 3 days are packed with modeling clinics, displays, layout tours, and general camaraderie. And if you've been following the Valley Local Facebook Group, you know I've been making a major (for me) push to get some scenery and general layout progress done in time for the weekend.

If this is the first time you're hearing about all this, it's not too late to join us! You can register at the door for either or both days - and your registration gets you admission to all the layout tours on Sunday as well. So be sure to click here for the details - and if you're able to make it, be sure to connect with me when you're there!

In other news . . .

If you're up-to-date on the blog, you know I recently acquired an EMD SW-1 (thank you again Philip Taylor!). "Why..." you may ask "... did you get an SW-1 when the New Haven didn't have them?" Well, you can read that story here (it's actually pretty good, if I don't say so myself...).

The next step was for me to install DCC and sound. Unfortunately, the Scale Sound Systems speaker (WLML-SW1X-RC1) didn't quite fit. But to his GREAT credit, owner JT Burke not only offered to fix the speaker, and not only did he issue a recall for other SW-1 speakers that likely had the same issue, but he also offered to do the entire install for me at a steep discount. 


While I was actually looking forward (at least a little bit) to trying the install myself (and to the blog fodder that would produce), no way was I going to pass up a professional install of such a high-end speaker (not to mention teeny tiny components - an ESU v5 micro decoder, TCS KeepAlive, and microsocket/plug, thanks to Kaylee Zheng!).

So, ANOTHER reason to post "Friday Fun" on Friday Eve is that I just got the SW-1 back in the mail from JT today. I couldn't wait to put it through its paces and hear how it sounds - and I brought you along for the ride!

Hope you enjoy(ed) the video - and if you want to see and hear this engine in person (especially if you've never had the opportunity to hear a Scale Sound Systems speaker in action), check out my model display at the NERPM this weekend. I hope to have it there for you to see - and, if I can figure out the logistics, will have it there for you to hear too!

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend if you're able to make it, and if you're not - here's hoping you're able to get to some modeling!


  1. Fun video Chris, enjoy the weekend and your guests. the layout looks great.

    1. Thanks Ken! Hope you're able to get over here someday and see in person the scenery you kick started!