Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday Fun - Videos Galore!

For this week's version of Friday Fun I have a LOT of video content to share . . .

First off, for those of you that saw my Valley Line layout tour video and happened to notice that I missed covering the "Air Line" branch, or if you want more context & background to go with yesterday's "chase" of the Air Line local, be sure to check out the video below. I wanted to try out my new gimbal, and a quick tour of the "Air Line" seemed like a great way to put it through its paces.

Hope you enjoy it!

Next, for those of you not on FaceBook but who want to see some (or maybe all?) of the cool clinics and presentations that you missed out on during the NMRA's first Worldwide Virtual Convention, you can check them out here on YouTube!

Click here for the videos
Even better, they're now all cut up into segments by clinic/presentation so you should be able to find what you're looking for much more quickly.
Speaking of which, you can click here and go right to my presentation . . .

There are 12 videos uploaded so far, but there's plenty more to come. So be sure to check'em out!

And if you are on Facebook, and if you haven't heard, The Valley Local has its own FB group. Check it out by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy all the great model railroad content that's coming out these days and get to escape from the current craziness, even if only for a little while. . . . Have a great weekend!


  1. Chris, thanks very much for the great video. As I may have mentioned, a New Haven engineer invited my father and me to ride with him while switching coal at the Maromas power plant (now NRG Energy) in the 1960s, and I walked a number of times between there and Cromwell in the 1970s. Once, on a curve east of the River Road crossing, I had to dive into the vegatation that had obscured and muffled an approaching train. Railroad tracks were and are dangerous.

    1. Hey George! Thanks for sharing that great memory - heh, the one of you and your dad, not especially the one about having to dive in the bushes! I don't suppose you have any photos of your trip down to the plant do you?