Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday Fun: NMRA Worldwide Virtual Convention, April 24-25

The current worldwide pandemic has forced all of us to change long-standing plans. From weddings, to vacations, to conventions and other events, all are on hold for the duration. Even the National Model Railroad Association's annual convention has been cancelled. And they didn't even cancel during World War II!

Now, in the grand scheme of things, the cancellation of a model railroad convention isn't the biggest deal in the world - but Gordy Robinson of the British Region of the NMRA has decided to address this worldwide problem with a world wide solution . . .

So, starting at 7pm Eastern Time TONIGHT, the NMRA will be hosting a Full 24 Hours of LIVE streaming layout tours, clinics, and informative presentations. Click on the image below for a full list of all the events:

There are folks participating from, literally, all around the world - and this may be your only chance to see some of them and their amazing layouts and presentations. I was even able to squeeze in there myself, early Saturday afternoon.

All this is happening live, in real time, and - just like a real life convention - you'll be able to participate too by asking questions & interacting with the presenters.

Best of all - unlike a real life convention - admission is free. Yes, the only "price" of admission is that you have to follow the NMRA's Facebook Group - and that's only necessary because that's where the live feed is being streamed.

So I hope you'll look over the Schedule of Events, pick the ones you find interesting, and make plans now to join us on the World Wide Web for the internet's first World Wide Model Railroad (virtual) Convention!

Hope to see you there!

(And if you're still not convinced that this is going to be awesome, click here to hear all about it from Lionel Strang and Gordy Robinson himself)

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