Monday, April 6, 2020

Movie Monday - A Virtual Tour of The Valley Line

Looks like one good thing to come out of the current craziness has been an explosion in creative ways to connect - despite “social distancing” and orders to stay at home. I, for one, was able just a few days ago to “attend” three different layout tours during a Facebook Live event hosted by the Twin Cities Model Railroad Club. Yeah - those Twin Cities - and despite the fact that I’m in Connecticut.

It’s certainly quite a world we’re living in, and it’s not all bad. Despite the virus.

So, wanting to give back a little and provide some distraction of my own, I’ve uploaded a little video tour of The Valley Line. Even though there’s a trackplan on the website, there’s nothing quite like being “in” the space. If you’ve ever wanted to attend an open house but couldn’t (and who knows when we’ll be doing those again), here’s your chance - albeit virtually.  I hope that it provides a nice diversion while you may be stuck at home. Enjoy!