Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuesday Tip: Wet Water

With the recent focus on layout progress during the past few weeks, I've failed to pass along a few tips I've gathered along the way. So be sure to check in over the next few Tuesdays for "Tuesday Tips" (actually, check in every day - easy if you subscribe to the blog by entering your email under the "Receive New Posts Automatically" spot in the upper left area of the page... just sayin' :^)

For this week, let's talk about how to make water just a bit, um, "wetter" . . .

If you've been in a hobby for any amount of time, you've probably heard of something strange called "wet" water. All it is is regular water with something added to break water's natural surface tension. When you spray it onto your scenery and scenery base prior to adding glue, the glue will flow much better. In fact, if you haven't broken the surface tension, the glue will just tend to bead up and never penetrate your scenery.

Luke Towan gives a great explanation about all this in this video. It's well worth the 3.5 minutes to watch it, but if you want just his formula for making "wet" water, here's a screenshot.

You may have heard about making wet water by "just adding a few drops of detergent" - well, now you have an actual formula you can follow for great results every time. Thanks Luke!

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