Sunday, July 1, 2018

First Article Published!

Happy July Everyone! And even happier for me since this month's issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine includes an article I wrote about building the Goff Brook farmhouse - my first ever published article(!). I think you can go to it directly by clicking here, otherwise you'll find it on page 140.
I hope you find it helpful and/or entertaining. And if you do, leave a comment below - or at the MRH site. And if you do go to the site, I hope you can leave a good rating on the article. I'm certainly not immune to positive encouragement!

In other news, it's been a busy week on the Valley Line as I prepared for - then hosted - an ops session, just getting it in under the wire in June. I plan to have a post up how that went within the next day or so - so stay tuned!


  1. WELL done, Chris! Your article was great - clear, step by step instructions with the honesty to show that you made a mistake or two... and how to fix them. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks so much Steve! Really appreciate the feedback and am glad you liked the article. Thanks also for taking the time to leave a comment - always appreciated!