Friday, July 7, 2017

Whither the Air Line Local? and some Friday Fun Video

In my last post, I mentioned that we didn't run the Air Line local. I'd done all the prep, paperwork, and staging, so it was all ready to go - just didn't have enough takers for last week's session. Fortunately, Roman was able to come over during last Saturday's rainy afternoon to run the local from "Cedar Hill" (staging) through the towns of Somerset and Mill Hollow to Middletown and back. Here are a few shots taken along the way by the local foamers railfans . . .

They missed the local going north/eastbound through Somerset, but caught up to us entering Mill Hollow.
While we were paused next to the bulk track (but still short of the crossing), they scurried up to the top of a short hill to get this broadside shot.

They got back to the crossing just as we were ready to continue on our way.

Heading into "downtown" Mill Hollow.

Having completed the work in town, we headed across Main Street to continue to Middletown.

A better view of the station at Mill Hollow.

Arriving in Middletown. Not much to see here, but lots of switching.

On the return trip, southbound through Mill Hollow. That photo backdrop behind the station is surprisingly effective (must be due to the colors matching the scenery materials - at least according to my color-blind eyes...).

And doing the late-afternoon switching in Somerset before heading back to Cedar Hill.
With the local tied up again in Cedar Hill, Roman activated the Way Up Machine (just like a "Way Back Machine" - only it goes forward in time...) and got to run his MBTA GP-18 (newly-equipped with LokSound Full Throttle) around Saybrook for a bit. Thankfully, the Saybrook tower operator called his colleagues in Westbrook and Niantic to have them hold the Shore Line trains back for a bit to give the visitor from the future a chance to stretch her legs. . .

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