Monday, September 12, 2016

Modeling Monday: DERS-2b Dry Run

Well, I think I am finally, just about, done with details for the #0510 - my New Haven RR class DERS-2b (Proto 1000 RS-2). But that doesn't mean that I'm done,done. Not yet. I still need to paint the details, and a few of them need to be glued. And of course I'll need to weather it.

But before I do that, I needed to do a "dry run" to make sure that all the details fit and - most importantly - that they wouldn't interfere with good operation or each other. Best to do that before painting, in case any of them need adjustment. And it turned out that one of the sets of MU pipes needed significant adjustment to clear both the uncoupling lever and the passenger car buffer. The other thing I needed to be sure would fit is the air distributing valve. You'll see it just behind the cab on the fireman's side. I couldn't test fit that accurately until both the cab and the railing were in place.

So, here's how it looks for its "dress rehearsal" - everything's in place except for the steam heat pipes/couplings (which have plenty of room). As always, you can click on the image for a larger view.

In addition to the hood top details (which you can see much better here and here), you see here the air distributing valve behind the cab, speed recorder, handbrake chain and guides.

Front view showing the MU stand and hoses, passenger car buffer, cut lever and end grabs, and air/signal hoses. You've seen the added markers and grabs before.
Rear view showing more clearly the speed recorder, air distributing valve, and short hood steam heat details. The pilot details are the same as on the front.
I'm really happy with how this project is turning out - especially considering the time it's taken. Suffice it to say, I'm glad I have only one of these P1k units to do. SO many details needed to be added! But it's shaping up and will certainly be worth the effort.

Next step is to take it all apart(!) to paint the details. But first, I may try and get the DERS-1b details set for the paint shop at the same time. Why start the air brush and compressor more than once? %^)

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