Saturday, September 3, 2016

And now for something completely different....

Since I apparently don't have enough of my own locomotive detailing to satisfy me, I've offered to help out Roman a little with his Providence & Worcester GP-38-2. Yeah, it's a bit after my era, but at least it ran (and I think is still running) on the present-day Valley Line :)

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  1. Chris,

    My favorite time on the Valley Line is about 50 years ago, around 1966, when I was 10 and New Haven (Alco?) diesels were bringing 100-car trains of black B&O and C&O coal hoppers to the Laurel power plant in Maromas (Middletown). And the caboose was red. One Saturday morning my father and I chased a coal train from the center of Middletown. Seeing us at the Laurel crossing, the engineer offered to let us ride in the cab for a couple of hours while they switched the plant. I'd love to model all that.