Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Fun with Mockups: Wethersfield Lumber, Rocky Hill Stations

I only have one photo of Wethersfield Lumber, and it's just a blow-up portion from a much larger aerial. You can't see much, but it's better than nothing - and confirmed that the Walther's Walton Lumber Co. kit will provide a good stand-in, at least until I get better photos.

But before plunking down $55 for a kit, I figured I'd make a mockup of the main building. Walthers provides the overall dimensions, so it was just a matter of measuring out the matboard, cutting & gluing:

I discovered AFTER I'd already made a few mockups that I have this handy-dandy assembly jig from Micro-Mark. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Since the building is pretty large, and the roof was going to be in two sections, I decided to install this ridgeline brace.

The roof area was large & unwieldy, so I decided to do it in two sections, using masking tape to join them and provide a hinge.
And here's the finished product! At least I know the Walthers kit will fit and - as importantly - how its size looks in the overall space. As you can see, since it's just a mockup, I didn't bother with the complicated roofline or building-length cupola. But this works just fine for now.
 After doing Wethersfield Lumber, I installed a mockup of Rocky Hill station that Dick did and the Rocky Hill freight house that Roman did. You can see them here in place, temporarily propped up on the bank of the CT River, just like the prototype:

Here's a shot looking south toward the freighthouse and station....

Which I include primarily because it has (hopefully) more than a passing resemblance to this prototype photo:

I won't be able to include that cool house to the left since it'd be in the aisle
If you haven't yet, I hope you'll try doing some structure mockups for your layout. They're really quick and a great source of modeling motivation - and you can start seeing right away how your layout will eventually look.

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