Friday, August 22, 2014

On the Valley Line - Today

I've mentioned before that the Valley Line actually goes right across my street, but the only regular traffic this section ever really sees are the "Saybrook Specials" (first weekend of summer months) and the occasional "HOTT" ("Hand on the Throttle") trains.  Well, today, we saw what's probably the largest equipment to come over the line in quite some time.  Check it out:

I also got what I thought was going to be a really nice still photo, but my shutter speed lagged a bit too long:

Amtree.  Oh well

I had better luck down at the Saybrook Wye.  Here it is coming up the east leg.

Crossing Mill Rock Road, just north of the wye.

At Bokum Road, Essex.

Stopped - for the time being - at the Valley RR's south yard.
I'd taken my "good" camera (instead of using my iPhone, as I usually do) and the fact that I hardly use it made things a bit stressful as I tried to fiddle with settings (and shutter delay). But it was still cool to see such LARGE mainline equipment go up the Valley Line - and practically right past my house.

Stay tuned - I'll post some additional shots later, including, maybe, the 3025 pulling this train into the Essex station....

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