Thursday, August 27, 2020

Throwback Thursday - Cape Cod Train

This Throwback Thursday is either "just a little back" or "waaaaay back", depending on your perspective. 

In one sense, it was just last week - last Friday, August 21st to be exact - that The Missus and I took a day trip out to Cape Cod (first time out of state this year!). And it just so happened that while we were headed through Sandwich, MA - after just having come across the canal - we heard a train horn and were able to catch the Cape Cod Central's morning excursion heading back east to Hyannis.

In another sense though, this post goes back to 26 years ago last Friday when I proposed to The Miss (who later became The Missus) aboard that same train - but that time, it was a dinner train and was heading westbound along the Cape Cod Canal at sunset.

Strange coincidence that we happened to see the train last Friday - we don't usually, and actually wasn't seeking it out (it didn't even occur to me that it'd be running, with COVID and all, and especially it not even being a weekend). But getting away for a day to where it all started over a quarter-century earlier, and then actually seeing the train as well, was pretty cool.


  1. Happy Anniversary...I loved this. First time I've heard the story of your proposal.


  2. Not the exact same, but when my wife and I went on our Honeymoon to Boston for a week we took a daytrip to Cape Cod and caught the evening dinner train crossing the lift bridge. We never rode it though. Yet...