Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Fun: A Modeler's Life Interview

Click to enlarge and actually be able to read it :^)
Since things have been so busy lately, and despite all the necessary extra driving, I am way behind on one of my favorite ways to pass the time - listening to model railroad podcasts. In fact, I'm SO far behind that I just recently realized that my convo with Lionel Strang at Springfield got posted (over a month ago - yikes!). Lionel hosts one of my favorite podcasts - A Modeler's Life - and he and I spent some time together during the Big E train show weekend talking about trains.

So check it out if you can - link is here and just scroll down to March 9. Unfortunately, unlike my other interviews, it's on the paid Patreon site. But browse around there and see if you don't agree that you can get a lot of great content for as little as five bucks per month.

And whether or not you head over to Patreon, be sure to check out the free content on the ol'AML. Lots of great stuff there - or at least something to make long commutes a little more bearable!

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