Monday, April 4, 2016

Modeling Monday

"Modeling Monday" was one of the first posts on this blog - a simple and quick little post that served to highlight some of my modeling - and to serve as a welcome reminder that I do actually do some modeling from time to time, despite all the layout construction (benchwork, trackwork, wiring lighting) I've been doing over the last couple of years.

So, without any further ado - or comment - here are a few random photos I took recently while railfanning in the Air Line town of "Somerset" (one of the two 2x8' modules) . . .

The truck says "JD Owen Coal Co." but regular operators know this as "Derwin Coal" - named after helper/operator Tom Derwin who donated the trestle (which reminds me, I should do a post on how I modified/superdetailed it)

Engine terminal looking across to the other side of the mainline. The photo backdrop is especially effective here.

The part of town that's down by the tracks. These buildings have full interiors.
I can take credit for the module construction, including track and scenery. But all the structures were salvaged from the layout of a dearly-departed old friend. Click here for a little bit of that story. And click here for more model photos & modeling related posts.

Happy Modeling Monday!

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