Sunday, February 14, 2016

Coming & Going: Photo Serendipity & Stockcars for Brickyards

A little while back, a friend sent along the photo above - not having seen this week's Wordless Wednesday. But as you can see, it just so happens to be the "going away"companion photo to WW#105 - what a find!

So, yes, there were at least two stockcars behind the 517. Can't really tell if they're loaded or not, but assuming they're heading towards the packing plant, they are.

But if these cars are actually empty, it could be that this train will continue south past the quadrant switch, back up the Valley Line, cross the diamond, and head northwest toward the brickyards of East Berlin. I've heard that a common load for otherwise idle stockcars is brick, of all things. . . .

Can anybody else share some thoughts/speculations on this little storyboard?


  1. At least the last time the Google Street View camera came through in August 2011, the overhead crane structure behind the stock car was still standing. See

    1. Hey George and thanks for your comment! I drive past this location everyday on the way to/from work and can attest to the fact that that crane is STILL there. It's used, even today I think, by the local monument (gravestone) company that's been there for years. I'll definitely have to include it on my layout!