Monday, July 13, 2015

Rocky Hill Scenery Started

Sunday work sessions are whirlwind 4-hr affairs, tucked in between brunch & dinner. Bill and Pete made it over to continue the scenery in Rocky Hill that they started last week and I tried to keep them supplied with all the necessary resources, from materials to tools to the-all-important-snacks. As you'll see in the photos, we got a lot done!

Pete's in Dividend staying ahead of Bill, who's adding more to the area just "north" of Rocky Hill.

Early on, they determined that it'd be a good idea to put the stone foundation for the Rocky Hill station in place and scenic around it. This, despite the fact that the station isn't built yet - there's just a mockup structure. Since it's so critical that the foundation footprint be spot-on, I decided to confirm that the mockup's footprint was accurate. Good thing I did. It wasn't. Even worse - I can't determine the actual footprint size from the Sanborn map.

If ANYbody has any information on the footprint dimensions of the Rocky Hill station and the freight house (or miracle of miracles - if you actually know where I can get plans!), please let me know. In the meantime, we're estimating the footprints based on the Wethersfield freighthouse/station kit.

BTW, the station footprint is sketched in in the photo above, and I hot glued some foam core to start the platform area.

Thankfully, my false start and insufficient research didn't diminish the progress Pete & Bill were making. And the proof is in the pics . . .


They tell me that "there's still more to add" but it sure looks pretty close to finished to me! I still need to figure out what - if anything at this point - I'm going to do for a background here. Nothing's really needed to be on the backdrop though, which is why I chose to start the scenery in this area.

It's starting to look pretty good! I'm glad I had a good scenery stash on-hand, but this process sure eats up lots of material. The results are worth it though - especially the first time you see a scale model in a scene you'd only ever seen in your mind.