Thursday, July 30, 2015

Marathon Work Session - 7/16/2015

I was posting pretty regularly (like, Every. Single. Day.(!)) leading up to my going away on vacation, but said vacation meant no layout work. So, knowing this would be the case - and all-too-aware that my deadline was looming - I bribed persuaded the guys to come over for One Last Big Work Session.

To my very pleasant surprise, just about every one of our merry band of men were able to make it - 8(!) guys in all. It was a ton of fun and a lot of help - my biggest challenge was trying to keep them all supplied and busy!

Here are some photos from what turned out to be a record evening . . .

The aforementioned "bribery" - still cheap labor no matter how much pizza you buy... Left to Right: Randy, Joseph, Roman, Dick, Pete, Pieter, Tom, Bill

Here's (most of) the "electrical crew" - Pieter and Dick soldering little wires on toggles for switch machine controls; Tom continuing the busway bus line down to Essex.

The other half of the electrical crew - Roman & Joseph wiring feeders under the staging yard.

Scenery crew - Pete and Bill working in Dividend & Rocky Hill, respectively (though not particularly respectfully :^)

Quality Control Expert Randy checking out the wiring on the mainline heading to staging - he also laid most of the Shoreline, with help from Joseph and Roman.

Believe it or not, Pieter was actually not feeling all that well - but apparently we were able to help, if even only for a little while. Of course, his latest creation may have had something to do with his maniacal laughter good humor . . .

Invasion of the Toggles!!
This is clearly the product of a (OTC) drug-addled mind.
I'm glad The Missus encouraged me to take photos - which I would have totally forgotten in all my running around getting stuff for folks and answering questions. On one of my many trips upstairs, she stopped me to say how remarkable it was that so many of the guys had taken time out of their schedules to come pitch in and make some more progress on the layout. And I couldn't have agreed more - I'm truly a blessed man.

So thank you again to Bill, Randy, Roman, Pete, Pieter, Joseph, Tom, and Dick (we really need a Harry to join us) - you've each put your unique mark on my layout and it's become what I hoped it would - a tangible reflection of the many-varied talents and abilities of a great group of guys.

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