Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Few Words about Wordless Wednesday #36

Yesterday was Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 - but yesterday's Wordless Wednesday was a little window into the past, exactly 73 years ago to the day.

I don't know much about Charles W. Cushman, but I know where he was on September 24, 1941 (which, as it happens, was also a Wednesday). He was right near the Air Line, up on a small hill in Hampton, CT taking a picture of a quintessential New England farm.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where exactly in Hampton he was standing, or whether this farm still exists. Even if it does, it's unlikely that you could reproduce this photo today - there are probably too many trees. If the Blogosphere wants to help a brother out and tell me where this is, I'd be most appreciative (Turns out there are a lot of small lakes in Hampton. I've checked.)

I wish there was some way to expand & stretch this scene into a photo backdrop. It's scenes like these that I'd love to include in my miniaturized version of the Valley & Air Lines. And it'd be educational too, giving us some idea why there are so many stone fences in the middle of forests (hint: fewer trees back then).

If you enjoyed this little trip back in time, be sure to check back this coming Sunday, September 28.

Our time machine will still be set for 1941.


  1. Pine Acres Lake @ James L Goodwin State Forrest. Take park entrance road (Potter Road) off of RT 6, follow road (dirt road in WW #36) across Air Line North State Park Trail up hill. Wait till mid November to take your photo, lots of trees now!!


    1. Hey Hak! Sorry it took so long to reply - but THANK YOU for this info. I am definitely going to try and recreate this photo (good hint about the trees). But I'm still trying to orient myself - is this view of the lake looking east? I assume so, but a satellite image of the area isn't helping. Maybe the farm got obliterated when the Goodwin State Forest was created?