Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Feedin' Frogs

My K-1b doesn't like the fact that my frogs are powerless. Apparently, they need some nourishment - so I'm gonna give them some juice, courtesy Tam Valley Depot. Thanks Duncan, Craig & Bill (and special thanks to Dick Otto for soldering all those frog feeders) about 30 hungry frogs are gonna get fed thanks to you guys, and my K-1b will be much happier too!


  1. Everybody will be happier. Good choice. I use them on my layout and they're one of the slickest products I've encountered in the hobby.
    The Dual Frog Juicer is also great for managing polarity on a turntable bridge, FYI.
    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

  2. Yeah, between you, Craig Bisgeier, Jim Lincoln and myriad folks I listen to on the podcasts, I was pretty sure I'd end up using juicers myself - especially since I really want to keep my track wiring to an absolute minimum. Once my friend Randy loaned me a hex juicer for my reverse loop, I was sold - actually *it* was sold (I bought it right off him). Good point about turntable polarity. Wyes and reverse loops benefit from Juicers as well - just have the reversing track (or TT bridge) wired to two of the frog bays (IIRC).