Sunday, November 17, 2019

Riding the Wave

Like most hobbies I guess, model railroading is subject to ebbs and flows - usually due to "real life," work commitments (both at home and the office), and the inevitable lack-of-motivation. But sometimes - and, if you're lucky most times - you catch a wave of motivation and everywhere you look you see opportunities and fun projects instead of being discouraged by seeing all you haven't done.

I'm happy to report that I've been riding that wave lately. When I'm not delving back into benchwork & backdrops, I'm trying different techniques for modeling brick buildings, dipping my toe into building a few (simple) craftsman structure kits & (trying) casting plaster rocks, and even getting back into doing scenery at East Berlin (including starting a river). After a fun-filled Fall of railroad road-tripping, it's nice to get back to the basement and make some more progress on the layout.

So hopefully you're still on board - the train is on the east leg of the Saybrook wye and ready to head up the Valley Line to show you more of what all's been going on . . .

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