Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Fun: New Haven Railroad DERS-4 (GP-9)

Had a visitor from "the future" on the Valley Line recently - New Haven Railroad DERS-4 #1229 (aka an EMD GP-9). The prototype wasn't delivered to the New Haven until the mid-1950s, so way beyond my chosen era,. But BobV brought his "dead rail" version for Show-n-Tell at last night's Photo Library volunteer night, so the Valley Line was only too happy to play host.

Be sure to check out the video - crazy!


  1. That locomotive is so freaking quiet and smooth. I really want to know what that guy does. Or maybe I'll just find out what he charges for optimizing the running characteristics of the motor/gearbox.

    1. We would ALL do well to figure out how to fine-tune our locos as well as this!