Friday, November 2, 2018

Can This Paint Be Saved?

A little something different today - a VLOG post, asking a very important question:

Can Tru-Color paint, which has separated and turned to gel, be salvaged and used?

Click on the video below for the details - and please weigh in by posting a comment (or contacting me directly).

Thanks and Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Chris, posted this on Facebook but thought I would add it here too .

    I did this very experiment yesterday with success. Add some of the Tru-Color thinner and try to stir with a skewer. Once it starts to loosen put the lid back on and try shaking. Keeping adding a little more if needed to get a nice consistency like a new bottle.

    I also did this with some accupaint about a month ago (the precursor to Tru-Color) and it sprayed beautifully.

    The old accupaint and tru-color seem to evaporate the thinner / carrier thru the bottles (original and dropper) over time.


    1. Thanks very much Justin! Really appreciate your weighing in, especially with some recent real-world experience! I just have to get some Tru-Color thinner (though isn't that just acetone?)