Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday Modeling: Adding Weight & Overpass Roadway Work

I had hoped to get to a lot more modeling over the weekend than I did, but the fact I got to anything at all considering all that's going on is a blessing. So, in the spirit of "incremental progress being progress, nevertheless" here are a few photos of what I did. . .

In addition to adding air hoses to the B&O P-11 flatcar I just recently (almost) finished, I realized it needed a more weight. A lot more. Thankfully, the "fishbelly" side sills will hide some weight (and are also the primary reason I didn't bother adding brake or other underbody detail). Unfortunately, lead fish weights - or lead of any type - are/is getting harder and harder to find. So I decided to cut up some A-Line weights to fit in where I could: 

Conceptually, it was pretty simple - use a utility knife to cut the soft, lead weights down to the right size. But it was a bit easier said than done. It's not THAT easy to cut the weights, but with time - and a lot of rocking the blade back and forth - you finally get there.

All the little bits of weight, cut to size to fit in between the deck framing.
Once I dry-fit everything to make sure they would not only fit, but not interfere with truck swivel, I used some big drops of Aleene's glue to attach the weights to the underside of the car.

 Once everything was in, it was just a matter of a quick brush-paint job of Grimy Black to disguise/blend everything in.

While that was drying, I turned my attention to the roadway on top of the west abutment for my Rt. 15 overpass. It's made of .040" styrene and I didn't want it to bow or sag over time, so I added some 1/4" square styrene braces:

I also scribed the top to match the "expansion joints" on the main bridge and am starting to add curbing to match as well:

FYI - the curb on the Rix overpass I'm using is .090" tall/thick.
Not really all that much to report, but it did provide a few hours of hobby enjoyment. And, like they say, you can even eat an elephant if you do it just one bite at a time.

Evidence of Hobby Being Pursued!


  1. For hiding weights, I purchased lead shot- the stuff that goes in shotgun shells. I had to order mine online, but gun stores usually carry it during certain seasons. It is so tiny that it rolls everywhere into the nooks and crannies. It is especially good with covered hoppers. I use yellow glue to secure it, or epoxy when I have it lying around.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of that tip! I always forget to check out the sporting goods places for shot which - as you rightly point out - would be ideal, especially in this situation. I'll keep my eyes open - thanks again!