Friday, October 19, 2018

F.O. Friday & Thank You!

One of the many hobbies The Missus pursues is knitting. And in the knitting world, an "FO" is a "Finished Object" - and the cause for much rejoicing. After days/weeks/months of spending time with a project, getting it finished is a big deal.

Although we don't use the same terminology, it's that way with our hobby too - so herewith I submit my latest "FO", in the making for over a year now (on and off). Yes - I've finally finished the B&O P-11 flat car that I started last September:

Well, almost finished.

I already knew that I still need to weather this car. But it wasn't until I got to taking this FO photo that I realized I'd forgotten something important . . .


So I just need to add those and weather the car and it'll be really finished. I'll be sure and post more FO fotos then :^)

Speaking of finishing, last night the Missus and I finished our fundraiser by participating in the L&LS's Light the Night Walk. Thank you SO much to all of you that have expressed your support either through thoughts and prayers or through contributions - or both! We raised over $1,000 in just a few short days thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our friends - and even folks we don't know so well but who wanted to help. So THANK YOU so very much!

If you'd like to support the L&LS but haven't had a chance to yet, it's not too late -
you can still donate here.


  1. LOL, "Finished Object" was not the first phrase that came to mind when I saw "F.O. Friday", but I guess it fits, hahaha!

    1. LOL!! Now that you mention it - OOPS!! Now THAT would certainly be an interesting contrast to Wordless Wednesday %^)

  2. My wife likes to knit (and has other projects like sewing) but "finishing a project" isn't really in her lexicon. It is mostly just "starting a new project." Can't say I'm much different though.

    1. Yeah, that phenomena seems pretty prevalent in all hobbies!

  3. Double dipping on the FOs, huh.

    Nice work on the car, and the fund raiser!