Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Fun: NCE Power Cab

I've needed another throttle for quite some time now . . .

and I could use a way to program & test locomotives in the comfort of my den, near my workbench.

Well, a late-arriving gift just arrived today and fit the bill for both!

I'm looking forward to putting this all together on a nice, portable mount/box that I can take anywhere and hook up easily to my test loop. I just haven't decided whether to use masonite or foamcore. Either way, I'll share here how I do it.

Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday to me!


  1. I also have the Power Cab. I bought the NCE USB Interface which is needed to use JMRI Decoder Pro with the Power Cab. It's great for programming any manufacturer's decoders.

    1. That's my next step - to hook it up to the computer using my USB PCB. I'm hoping I don't have any problems...