Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wordful Wednesday #146 - Christmas Layout v.1

To get you in the Holiday Spirit, I'm posting some photos from my First Completed Layout Ever - structures, even scenery, done. This was a Christmas layout I built way back in the mid-1990s in our first apartment. It was only 3x4' and had an 18" radius loop of snap track. But it was finished and ran - and even had lighted buildings!

I had a lot of fun with that little freelanced fantasy layout, but with the construction of my current large proto-layout, the old Christmas layout finally got too much in the way But it will live again - reconstituted in a module/diorama that I'm currently building. And the memory of it lives still, in the photos below.

Enjoy! And may you and yours have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Thanks for posting Chris, have a happy Thanksgiving over there!

    1. Hi Paul and thanks very much! Sorry I couldn't reply sooner - hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!