Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's here and I'm on my way...

As Winston Churchill famously said:

"This is not The End,
This is not even The Beginning of the End,
But it IS the End of the Beginning."

And this is what the raw materials for a Layout Design Element & staging yard look like:
  • 18 Micro-Engineering turnouts
  • 3 bundles of ME code 83 flextrack (18 pieces)
  • 2 cases of Atlas code 83 flextrack (50 pieces)
  • 1 case of Midwest cork roadbed (25 pieces)
  • 1 pkg of ME code 83 rail joiners
And thus I've taken the first tangible step towards construction of same. If you've been paying attention, you know the LDE is for Old Saybrook and the staging yard is to represent points west (New Haven/NYC/Maybrook) and points east (New London/Boston). Click here for a description about how this is all coming together.

Unfortunately, while there's not much actual progress to show (same old story - work/life/etc) at least it doesn't take much time to drop a trainload of money on supplies so that when I *do* have some time, I can Get Right To It.

It's always fun to see so many cool new purchases - and I thought you'd enjoy some vicarious thrill of seeing what all it takes to do even just a modest staging yard and one little town. Quite a lot, as it turns out. Now to get the time to convert this pile o'stuff into an operating section of The Valley Line.

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